Minutes of the GNOME Foundation Board meeting 2003 July 29

     Minutes of the Board meeting 2003 July 29


   Daniel Veillard (chair)
   Luis Villa
   Jonathan Blandford
   Glynn Foster
   James Henstridge
   Jody Goldberg
   Jeff Waugh

   Tim Ney (:10)
   Leslie (:30)

   Bill Haneman
   Nat Friedman

   Miguel de Icaza
   Jim Gettys

Completed Actions:
    ACTION: Jonathan to set up the mechanism to publish and consult
        Tim's quickbooks data
	: Had a meeting.

    ACTION: Jeff to see how to get a link to Friends of Gnome from the desktop
	: Luis added a link to the GNOME about box

    ACTION: Leslie to send a copy of the old marketing plan

    ACTION: Jeff to condense all of the edits from the thread on GUADEC
    	requirements and resend.
	: Glynn sent to relevent lists.

    ACTION : Luis to publicize 1 day pre ols conference.
	: OLS is done.

    ACTION : Decide what to do w.r.t liability insurance.
	: Looks feasible, but will require budgeting for next year.

    ACTION: Thanks: Wilson-Sonsini for working pro-bono
            Red Hat for bandwidth
        in newsletter and on the foundation site
	: Pending newletter
	: Will go onto new website too

    ACTION: Tim to look into merchandising options around our logo and
        GUADEC proceedings
	: Ongoing.

    ACTION: Nat to get the charter amended to reflect the current consensus
	: Nat sent something, but no formal adoption process has be done.
    ACTION: Nat and Jody to draft a short list of projects to propose for
	: Pending
    ACTION: Nat to collect advisory board slides and post them
	: pending
    ACTION: Put the confidentiality policy on website
	: Sent and reviewed on list.  We need to put it on the web
	and add links to it from the .sig lines of all board and
	advisory board emails.
	: Pending Nat.

    ACTION: Daniel to request and review by-laws of the proposed German GNOME
    	Association "GNOME Deutschland e.V."
	: Pending.
    ACTION : Daniel to check with Nat and schedule the advisory phone call,
	: Pending

    ACTION : Luis poll with release team for roadmap.
	: Pending

    ACTION : Jim, find status of GPE announment from Leslie & Nils

New Actions:

    ACTION: Tim to produce a proto-budget for next year based on this year's
    	fiscal results.

    ACTION : Jeff to forward link on Madrid Protocol to Tim
    ACTION : Tim to check with lawyers on applicability of Madrid Protocol

    ACTION : Daniel and Nat to add  trademark legal paper work to advisory
	     board agenda.

    ACTION : Jeff send 2.4 release notes suggestions to marketing-private list

    ACTION : Luis to generate a list of GNOME differentiating factors

    ACTION : Leslie to produce a schedule of conferences for the next 6 months.


    Approved Minutes from 2003/07/15

    Jonathan Tim meeting on finances
	1) Went through books
	2) How we'd like to see data
	3) Policy changes
	4) Touched on fund raising
	- Fiscal year ends sept
	- Plan to generate quarterly report

	Touched on budgeting for next year

    Trademark status
	Tim is researching requirements.
	: See if advisory board members can assist with legal paper work
	: Look into 'Madrid Protocol'

	: Have a booth & 2 computers in .org pavillion
	: Tim doing banners with new logo
	: There are volunteers in place to man the booth
	: Leslie will attend
	? CDs would be nice, but probably too late for next week.

    Press releases
	: Gnumeric grant announcement posted to website
	: GPE pending

    Marketing status
	: Get a schedule in place on a 6 month basis
	: Get a set of talking point ready to help volunteers at conferences

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