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sön 2002-09-22 klockan 19.20 skrev Sam Ganesan:

> The first of my suggestions to eliminate and settle this membership
> fracas would be to say that all who have made significant contributions
> can be members....But, there will be two sub-categories of members; one
> would be currently active members who have contributed within the last
> year, who get a certain set of entitlement based on their current
> contributions.  This is also the group that drives current development
> and is at the cutting-edge and needs the extra entitlements.  The great
> contributors to gnome who have taken leave of absence are still members
> and can move into the current category anytime when a new contribution
> from them in added to the software map.  All current members will stay
> current for the duration of one year from the date of adding their
> software to the map.  We can also add a third category of absolute
> Hall-of-famers who are nominated by the membership and then elevated to
> the exalted status on a membership vote!!!  There can also be a
> mechanism to drop off the membership list if the hiatus from
> contributions is say 5 years old, unless they are Hall-of-famers.

What would be different between the two different statuses? Can all vote
for the board? (since that is basically all your membership entitles you

I was thinking in these ways too but then I figured that the non-active
group could just as well not be part of the foundation and when they
reactivate themselfs they can renew there application and get membership

If the second (non-active) group would just be something on paper we
could just aswell call it hall-of-fame or something.

I think some kind of hall-of-fame would be nice though, for those that
have really pushed the platform forward. And if so I think this
should/could be decided by the board rather than a membership vote.

  Mikael Hallendal

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