Re: Astonishment

	The foundation membership committee has tried its best to be fair
	according to the guidelines that the board has given concerning
	foundation membership.
	Many of the renewals or applications which are not so clear cut have
	been discussed among the committee, simply put it, we did not take
	applications lightly!
	The effect of the 'hot flames' in the irc last night has been clearly
	noted and this is now *raised* to the board in a dramatic fashio. 
	I hope the board may get back to the committee within the next few 
	days dealing with the issues concerned.

-Ghee Teo
A member of the Foundation Membership Committe.
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> I see the following on cvs-commits-list:
>         applications/rejected: martin_baulig
> Is this for real?
> If this is what the membership criteria actually dictate, have we really
> got the criteria we want?
> Regards
> Jon Kåre
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Ghee Teo

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