Re: GNOME Foundation membership guidelines.

>            - The membership list will get too big to handle.
>               Not committing the time to process the applications of
>               people who want their voice heard in the GNOME
>               foundation, and who want to feel included in the
>               project, is a terrible reason to add further controls
>               and constraints to the membership criteria.  We should
>               be accepting or rejecting people based on whether or not
>               they should be members of the foundation, not based on
>               whether we have the time to deal with them and their
>               applications.
>               If the membership committee is overwhelmed, then we
>               should take steps to find the resources to help them.

I think that in reality the new guidelines will mean less overall work
for the membership committee, since existing members will be
automatically approved for renewal.  This means that the committee must
only thoroughly review new applications each year, which will be fewer
than the number of existing members.  So I think this argument against
the proposal is bunk.

Overall, "this is great, I agree."


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