'org chart'

Attached is a reasonably reviewed draft of the org chart. I expect a
more general discussion would lead to some more proposed changes and
clarifications (and possibly even outright additions) but it's gone
through at least one round with most of the affected groups.[1] I hope
that this helps us get a better idea of who we are and how we currently
relate to each other.

I expect that this should be a living document; it should be updated by
the board (or someone :) when team responsibilities grow and change, as
they inevitably will, or teams and groups get added and GNOME itself

Hope this is useful going forward-

[1]prime exception is the sysadmin list; I don't think there's anything
terribly controversial there. Might be wrong. :)
[Format is group name, contact person, responsibilities]

GNOME Administration

Foundation Board
 - Havoc Pennington
 	*responsibilities: http://foundation.gnome.org/charter.html

Foundation Membership Committee
 - Vincent Untz
 	*Maintains membership list for GNOME Foundation 
	*organizes annual Foundation elections

Executive Director
 - Tim Ney
 	*as per http://foundation.gnome.org/organization.html

Marketing Working Group
 - Leslie Proctor
 	*Marketing branch of the advisory board.
	*work on bridge between community marketing group and board, others

Release Team
 - Jeff Waugh
 	*Define the requirements for GNOME software releases.
    	*Coordinate and communicate with GNOME maintainers and subprojects.
    	*Ship the software within defined quality and timeliness requirements.


 - Kjartan Marass, Christian Rose
 	*coordinate testing of i18n/l10n implementation with team leaders and translators
	*provide complete l10n coverage for gnome release

 - Bill Haneman
	*test a11y implementation (including development of test plan and recording of test results)
	*evangelize and educate developers (including release team)
	*plan for freeze process testing/fixing- work with release team to develop plan for 2.2
	*coordinate with usability team

 - John Fleck
	*write and publish documents
	*work with and/or recruit hackers to create infrastructure to provide and create documents
	*publish and organize documents written by others (such as API docs)
	*review all GNOME documentation and UI for documentation style guide compliance
	*maintain style guide

 - Seth Nickell, Nils Pedersen, Calum Benson
	*maintain and publish the HIG
	*review all GNOME software for HIG compliance and general usability
	*provide and evangelize advice and resources for hackers and programs
	*coordinate with a11y and other teams

 - Steve Fox
	*Maintain and develop web site (content and infrastructure)
	*facilitate other projects in their web presence
	*communicate with marketing groups

Quality Assurance
 - Luis Villa
	*help hackers learn bug-management
	*organize QA partners for projects
	*define QA process and metrics
	*work on test plan, including automated test tool development/usage

System Administration
 - Owen Taylor
	*maintain GNOME's technical infrastructure
	*plan for future of net/web services
	*work on decentralization/mirroring of GNOME data

Module Maintainers
 - Not currently a central contact point.
These are not so much tasks for maintainers as for someone tracking the maintainers:
	*needs to be a full module list of actively maintained modules, with status, maintainer, etc.
	*needs to be an alias to reach all active maintainers

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