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I am not talking of the API documentation which is good enough in my
opinion, but i do think we lack tutorial documents.=20
Look at bonobo for instance, and can you tell me, who (among
newcomers to the gnome world) would be
able to use or produce bonobo components from the documents=20
that can be found on internet ?
Apart from the API (which is not helpful to begin) i could find
only three short articles from Michael Meeks on IBM developerWorks [1]=20
and one document from Mathieu Lacage and Dirk-Jan Binnema [2].
And when reading [2], you can legitimately wonder to what version it

I do not want to be rude with people that have wrote bits=20
of documentation so far (i have myself participated to such effort)
but i think it is time to deliver documentation and code at the same
time. People on the board should consider the task of writing
documentation as a first order issue, and ask hackers to participate
in that effort.

Could you comment on this ?

Thank you.


[2] http://developer.gnome.org/doc/guides/corba/

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