Re: Questions

rms gnu org wrote:

> When I speak to an audience about the principles of free software,
> that isn't meant as a criticism of you or of anyone in particular.
> There is no need to take it personally.


Perhaps I should have been more specific. I've seen you speak to an audience of solely GNOME developers, and to a more general audience. On neither occasion have I taken anything personally or as a criticism, because I'm in broad agreement with almost all of the things I've heard you say.

I do however feel that the GNOME project is treated differently in these encounters, and by the FSF in general. I sense that it is felt that GNOME more likely to be a source of non-conformism to FSF principles than other projects. I strongly feel that this is not the case.

> That may not be a problem when
> we're dealing with the old campaigners, who would never abandon the
> principles of free software.  But many GNOME developers are new to the
> community.  How can we expect them to uphold these principles, or even
> know about them, if we do not talk about them?

Talking about Free Software is a good thing. I would accept that perhaps GNOME has a larger and more disparate body of contributors than some other FSF projects, which may be a good reason to restate things often enough to make sure everyone hears the message. My original mail was more about the content and delivery of the message than the frequency.

My own motivation in working with Free Software is primarily political in nature. But if someone works on a Free Software project for fun, or because its part of their job, it doesn't become less free. I think the majority of contributors to GNOME fall into the latter categories. Perhaps this is why the message 'feels' different when it's delivered to the GNOME audience?

> If you fully support the principles of free software, please be
> patient with me when I say things you already know.  And maybe you can
> join in the process of educating people about them and helping to
> apply them.  One person doing this is not effective enough; it takes
> a community.

Patience is something I have plenty of.


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