Re: 11 Questions to answer

1)	I'm running to ensure the board continues to stick to it's 
	charter & ensure it acts effectively within it's remit.

2)	Leadership experience limited to: Orchestras, quartets, misc. 
	expeditions, 'leadership training', various Ximian bits - very
	bad at: "There goes the mob, I am their leader, I must follow".

3)	I try to stay informed about the day-to-day goings on in Gnome.

4)	Being affiliated with a company, having hacked on Gnome 
	extensively for fun, and being involved with other companies
	working on Gnome ( and having gone badly wrong in the past )
	gives me an extremely wide perspective as to how everyone's
	interests can be balanced for the common good.

5)	I think current weak points are a continuing lack of 
	understanding / effective communication about future plans
	particularly (from my perspective) development plans - which
	are by far the most interesting / potentially controversial.
	I'd also like to encourage the release team to avoid making
	big picture decisions - in favour of a more open, consensual

6)	I think it's much easier to compromise in a phone call, with a
	hard deadline, than in a potentially un-bounded E-mail flamewar.

7)	It's vital that gtk+ and Gnome synchronise schedules, and 
	development goals, by whatever means necessary - while retaining
	their distinct 'personalities', and structures. Possibly 
	stimulating / simplifing the GEP process to aid this.

8)	As a representative to the media / public, I'm privileged to
	speak regularly about Gnome to people at various conferences,
	it's unlikely to be diplomatically (or politically correct),
	but so far escaped the dreaded diversity trainers.

9)	If I didn't think I would represent the interests of Gnome in 
	the post I wouldn't apply.

10)	As for time for tasks - presuming the board won't assign me the
	task of building a trans-atlantic bridge, it seems that there is
	some slack time for admin.

11)	The best way to encourage people is to ensure their code / 
	contribution gets quick and sensible comments / inclusion. So
	I'd be interested in encouraging the pruning of unresponsive 
	maintainers and their replacement.



 mmeeks gnu org  <><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot

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