Re: Minutes from 2002-07-02

On 15 Jul 2002, Chema Celorio wrote:


> Tim - GUADEC planning
> >     ? Would it be feasible to move date of Guadec into the summer to get more
> >       flexibility with venues
> > 	- Miguel mentioed the potential for collision with other summer
> > 	  conferences
> >     ? Dublin a possibility, university is more available during the summer
> >     ? Germany, Scandinavia or Moscow are other options
> How about doing it in Latin America this time. I thought that we agreed
> on that the last time that it was discussed. Not that i am trying to
> force/push the issue to make it in America, but i just want to bring it
> up again to see what other people think about it.

 It seems it's impossible:

GUADEC = Gnome Users and Developers European Conference.

 It's a European event..

 Best regards,

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