Re: "Is code in CVS" label in software map

On Tue, 2001-09-04 at 01:07, Andy Tai wrote:
> Hi, in the GNOME software map, for each program there
> is a line "is development code in CVS?" It probably
> means "is the code in GNOME CVS?"  but otherwise is
> confusing.  For example, if an app is hosted in
> sourceforge or, the answer here
> should be "no." But many people will enter yes because
> their code is, in fact, in CVS, somewhere.
> Maybe the people in charge want to change that line?

I agree that is very confusing. Fortunately I am working on a
replacement for the current applist using the Software Map (based on
Trove) from SourceForge. It should be ready to go fairly soon.


Steve Fox

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