Re: Questions

On Wed, 28 Nov 2001, Richard Stallman wrote:

>     The whole editor flame war is so .... old.  And as we all know vim is the
>     best editor so there's no point in arguing :)
> I have no technical opinion about VIM, never having used it.  But it
> has a serious problem of another kind: its license has a restriction
> that goes too far, so it fails to meet the criteria of free software
> (see
> I'm going to propose a compromise to the developer.  Right now I am
> still thinking about what to propose.

A compromise on *WHAT*? What part has FSF in Vim that the developers would
have any intrest in any kind of dialogue with FSF?


"I don't think there is intelligent life within our solar system"
	-- Brian Behlendorf

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