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>     > May I add that, without RMS 'lauching' the GNOME project and harassing
>     > TrollTech, Qt would probably never have been licenced under the GPL ?
>     Had the license not changed Qt would have been replaced by Harmony. 

Unlike the earlier arguments, there is a technical component to this
argument.  Trying to emulate a non-free library (or OS) is considerably 
harder than building something from scratch, where you have the freedom
to tweak interfaces as needed.  You have problems with:

-- being compatible with bugs aka 'features' ("I meant to do that")
-- being compatible with changing/moving upgrades/new versions
-- avoiding nearly identical code to implement nearly identical
   algorithms. (i.e. avoiding 'IP theft')
-- no clear roadmap on how to innovate in the emulating library

Had the license not changed on Qt, Harmony still would have been a chain
around the ankle, at least until the point where the majority of KDE
developers started coding/being compatible with Harmony instead of Qt.

In terms of schedule risk and technology risk, reinventing everything, 
a la Gnome was the safer bet (based on what I know about the problem).


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