Re: Attendance record of current board members

Well,  that file didn't open on my computer.

Anyway.  My 2c on this.

I've missed every single meeting since July 1 because I am working from Seoul and the board meetings are at 3 am local time, which is a bit late for me.  This is also partyly why I'm not running for re-election.  But prior to the my trip to Korea, my attendance record was pretty much perfect.

Also, I want to encourage everyone to vote for Miguel, Havoc, Jim and Daniel.  Each of them have played a very important role in the board this last year.  Miguel's energy and vision are crucial to the success of GNOME.  Havoc's leadership skills is key and his approach to the future of GNOME plays off Miguel's approach really well.  Jim has provided great perspective at all times and has been a terrific advocate for interoperability and looking beyond the desktop PC space.  As for Daniel .... well, he's French.  Just kidding, he's doing an incredible job as our secretary and also "keeps us honest" in everything we do.

Also, I think it's very important that there be continuity between the two boards, so we should keep these 4 people on for next year.

Great list of candidates - I think we'll get a terrific board!


Jeff Waugh wrote:
<quote who="Dick Porter">

For your amusement, and maybe to help your vote decision, I have
reviewed the minutes of this year's board meetings and produced a simple
attendance record spreadsheet.

:) Thanks, Dick.

For Gnumeric gnewbies like me, here's how to sort it:

* Select the box from B5 to L15

* Go to the 'Data > Sort...' menu

* Enter 'K' into the 'Sort by' field, and choose 'Descending'

* Click 'OK'

Then you'll see the list in % present order. :)

- Jeff

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