Being busy

Hi everyone,

I'm not really able to follow the discussions on the mailing-list (and sorry 
Dan about not answering your ten questions), but I'm very busy looking for a 
new place to live (and I don't want to bother you with that), therefore my 
means of connection to the Internet are rather flaky.

I'm feeling pretty strong about getting a place on the Board. My experience 
of "running" such a Board is much near inexistent, but I learn fast... I'd be 
very pleased to help the Board for one or more years and be able to point out 
to the "old crew" (don't take that literrally ;) what is wrong, and maybe 
showing to the newcomers, next year, what it should be like.

You can still take my candidacy as a joke, but I would still be very happy to 
be taken seriously. I would be very much interested in creating stronger links 
with companies that are part of the foundation, and maybe get more 
associations, or governemental agencies in the foundation.

Thanks for your time.


/Bastien Nocera

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