Nominate Leslie Proctor

If its not too late, and if she does not object (I have not previously
discussed this with her; the deadline for nominations is looming),
I'd like to nominate Leslie Procotor for the Board of Directors ofthe
Gnome Foundation.

Leslie has been active in the Gnome Foundation in the past, but not as a
programmer:  She organized the announcement of the original creation of
teh Gnome Foundation.  If you were there, you'd remember how successful
this announce was:  The room was packed with reporters and
photographers,  there wasn't even standing-room, there was more press
stacked 3, 4 and 5 deep outside the door.  There was a TV camera working
between the hail of flashbulbs.  The result was front-page(?) coverage
in the New York Times, and other top magazine & newspapers (Newsweek,
Wired, etc.)  You may also know her from an occasional column in the
Linux Journal, and from coordinating FSF and Gnome booths at tradeshows.

Leslie is a top-tier PR person working at a top-tier PR agency.  This
is a rare talent in the free-software/open-source circles, and its a 
talent we should not squander.  She could truly be our secret weapon,
should we choose to use it.

I'm nominating Leslie because I beleive she can round out an otherwise
tech-heavy board.  An important part (in my view) of the Gnome
Foundation activities is the community outreach, the relationship with
the trade press, and the overall perceived image of Gnome in the minds
of non-gnome programmers and non-programmers in general.   Hell, if the 
Gnome Foundation isn't half about public image and perception, then what 
the hell are we doing this for anyway?  

Leslie is *uniquely* suited to perform this vital and important part 
of the Gnome Foundation activities.  There is *no one* who is better 

For the long-term benefit of the Gnome Foundation, I *strongly* urge
everyone to get her onto the board.


pub  1024D/01045933 2001-02-01 Linas Vepstas (Labas!) <linas linas org>
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