Re: Non-free software and GNOME

La plume légère, à Wed, Oct 31, 2001 at 09:53:45PM +1300, heure d'inspiration,
Rob Brown-Bayliss écrivait en ces mots:
> > So the best solution now would simply to request GNOME to not be a GNU
> > project anymore. It seems it would solves all the problems we are
> > discussing here.
> I doubt this would solve any problems, create a few headlines though, is
> this a marketing plan?

It would make GNOME free from any moral compliance with the GNU guidelines.
Now, this could force the FSF to discuss the problem with us and possibly
bring a better dialog. If somebody doesn't agree with RMS, he should discuss
the problem with him rather than pretending he is a dictator. Now if he
closes the conversation (as he often does when he does not agree with
someone and the discussion stays focussed on the same problematic point),
so be it. I know he is not easy to discuss with. Anybody who knows him
a bit has faced that problem. From my experience, the best way to keep
heard from him is to keep strong in our argumentation.

Anyway. If GNOME is not to foster free software 100%, what is the interest
in letting it be part of GNU?

Abolissons la propriété intellectuelle! - Abolish Intellectual Property !

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