Re: rfc: foundation administrative employee

On Sun, May 27, 2001 at 05:51:25PM -0400, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> The board of directors would like to move forward with hiring a
> full-time administrative employee for the GNOME Foundation. We're
> giving this issue a high priority because an excellent candidate for
> this position happens to be available right now, and we don't want to
> miss the chance to hire him. For obvious reasons (the candidate is
> currently employed elsewhere) I can't post his name.

I think it is a good idea, though you guys should know best about the actual
administrative problems you are facing.  I think a full time administrative
employee could really get things rolling instead of administrative boring
things always stalling because nobody felt like doing it at the moment.  Just
look at the general GNOME preformance when it comes to booths conferences.
If a full time person takes care of this we prolly won't end up doing things
at the last minute as we seem to have done in the past, such as last year's
Montreal Linux Expo, when I found out we had a booth by walking around the
showfloor and noticing a completely empty booth with a "GNOME" sign on it.

>  - the annual IRS audit for nonprofits, tax returns, etc.

Could he do my tax returns if I promise I'd hack twice as much during the
month of april?

>   To minimize risk, we're currently tossing around the idea of hiring
>   him for a 90-day trial period, and then reevaluating after that time
>   to see if both he and the board are happy with how things are going,
>   before making a longer-term commitment.

This is a 90-day risk free trial.  If you do not like the candidate within 90
days, return him/her in original packaging for a full refund.  Not applicable
with any other offer.  Void where prohibited.  Please see packaging for


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