Minutes of the GNOME Board meeting 26 June 2001

	  Minutes of the GNOME Board meeting 26 June 2001


    Havoc Pennington (chairing)
    Daniel Veillard  (minutes)
    Miguel de Icaza
    Bart Decrem
    Dan Mueth        
    Raph Levien
    Owen Taylor
    Jim Gettys


    Maciej Stachowiak 
    John Heard (regrets)


   - Communication is really important for some of the key part of
     the project and can only help the project overall. There is an
     inherent responsibility of a project maintainer to ensure that
     the people concerned by their work are informed of the direction.

Done stuff:

  ACTION: Havoc to check with Martin and Sander on the Gnome-2.0 roadmap
    => let's say it's done :-)

  ACTION: Havoc take the action to send a mail on Gnotice about fostering
          the GNOME-2.0 work
    => let's say it's done :-)

  ACTION: Federico to draft policies for @gnome.org email aliases,
          CVS access, and FTP access.
    => done, sent, about to discuss it

New Action:

  ACTION: Havoc to invite Sander and Martin

  ACTION: Dan to mail Christian about asking the managers of the
          various projects for updates and links to important threads
          in the mail archives.


  ACTION: Dan to work with Membership Committee to re-open the membership list.
    => still pending

  ACTION: Havoc send the AB list to the board looking for completion
          of the member liasons.
    => still pending

  ACTION: John try to get a Copyright assigment form and procedure for the
          GNOME Foundation
    => still pending waiting on the FSF

  ACTION: Maciej to email the Board the current draft of the platform
          license policy for review.
    => still pending


 - Sander sent us a status update on GNOME 2
   Seems Gnome-2.0 work has started seriously now, progresses are made.
   Post mortem analysis of last weeks flamefest, we must improve our
   communication !

 - putting together a proposal to hire an program manager

 - discuss proposed RFP procedure (no decisions planned)  

   We need more communication and know where projects are heading.
   Getting weekly status reports from the main projects sounds
   a good way to improve this. This could inlcude links to important
   threads in the mailing lists.
   We would need the equivalent of weekly seminars where a project
   is presented, how can this be done ? Features articles on 
   developpers.gnome.org ?
   The communication is really crucial for those project affecting the
   core and potentially everybody.
   The member of the board present unanimously agreed that a mechanism
   along the line of the proposed RFP procedure is a good idea. Discussion
   will be fostered in the foundation list.


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