Re: Bonobo freeze

Michael Meeks <michael ximian com> writes:

> On 24 Jan 2001, Maciej Stachowiak wrote:
> > Yes, we need a freeze commitment for all of Bonobo for the 1.4
> > release, as incompatible changes will not be possible for 1.4.x.   
>         I anticipate that we could fully freeze the API, and commit to
> binary and source compatibility for all of bonobo by 1st Feb. However
> clearly Miguel has the final say and is currently in Switzerland.
> Furthermore, we will both be at LWE at this time, so in reality I propose
> releasing a final API reference version on the 5th or so.

In that case, I will adjust the date to 2/5, and assume that is final
pending Miguel's approval. Does that sound all right?

>         I also anticipate that there will not be a CVS branch at this
> stage, since there are plenty of things remaining to be done, particularly
> lots of in-line documentation and various misc. cleanups.

The release team specifically requested stable branches for all
libraries (this particular item is not one I came up with myself for
whatever it's worth). This is a concern, among other things, for docs
and translation folks so they can be more assured of a less changing
version of the code on which to base their work, so they can be making
progress throughout the beta cycles.

However, it is certainly possible to make a special exception for
Bonobo, if you would like (I'll have to double-check this is OK with
the release team at the next meeting).

Have you already planned a date to create a stable branch? If so,
please let me know, and I can mark the bonobo branch date separately
on the schedule.

Thanks for the information, it is a great help.

 - Maciej

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