Minutes of the GNOME Foundation Board meeting 6 February 2001

      Minutes of the GNOME Foundation Board meeting 6 February 2001


    Havoc Pennington (chairing)
    Jim Gettys              
    Raph Levien             
    John Heard              
    Owen Taylor             
    Bart Decrem
    Daniel Veillard  (minutes)
    Miguel de Icaza
    Dan Mueth               
    Federico Mena Quintero  
    Maciej Stachowiak       

   Everybody was on the phone !


    Jim gives regrets for 1 to 2 next meeting
    Federico will probably not be able to join next week


  We will have a meeting next week focusing on GNOME-2.0
  - Bart is the contact with the attorney and will work to get the
    GNOME Foundation incorporated
  - Bonobo will be shipped as an unstable library for use by Nautilus
    in Gnome 1.4

Work Done:

  ACTION: Maciej to forward the final release schedule to hacker, and get
          it posted widely
  => done

  ACTION: John to get a schedule in agreement with other board members
          before the end of the week
  => Not sent up.
     The schedule is that the work will start beginning next week with
     a new lawyer, he need to have some questions answered before this
     get written
     Bart takes over on all incorporation issues.

  ACTION: John send mail to gnome-hacker about Gnome-2.0 
  => pending, John will send it first to the Board.
     Closed we talk about it today and next week.

  ACTION: John to give to Bart the phone # of the lawyer.
  => Done

Work in progress:

  ACTION: Maciej to write a new (hopefully final ?) license policy proposal.
  => we got mail from RMS
  => Not had time to do it yet, pending
  => Maciej is struggling with the fact that contenting everybody seems
     impossible. A new version should be posted and discussed.
  => Keep as an open action item, GNOME 1.4 release is more urgent

  ACTION: Bart to resend Proposed Membership Guidelines to foundation list
  => pending


 - quick review of action items

 - quick checkin on incorporation
     Bart spoke with the attorney. the attorney need more information
     John will confirm that the actual customer is the GNOME Board,
     Bart will then be the direct interlocutor
     Bart expect to have the schedule by the end of the week

 - GUADEC update:
     Weekly meetings updates
     Urgent issue:
      - finalizing the people who need to fly there
      - there is a list but some gnome hackers are actually now
      - draft agenda to be done by Friday
     Keynotes are contacted
     May need to raise money, should not be too hard
     We will invite one of the KDE leaders to present their project
     and future direction w.r.t interoperability, people from KDE
     should also be there on documentation tracks

 - GNOME 1.4:
    - most things are on track
    - QA strategy, Sun will provide testplan
    - PR, a preliminary should be available within a couple
      of weeks, PR preview, interviews, ...
    - tinderbox builds for all gnome-1.4 can be provided by Eazel,
      (Sun does some too), HW donations would be welcome.
    - bonobo freeze date was not possible to find.
      so it is not part of Gnome-1.4 stable platform and "unstable"
      should be clear from use by programmers.
    - So we need a code freeze date for bonobo for Nautilus.
      What is released today by Michael is the code freeze,
      if needed a branch can be created to apply patch before the
      actual release.

    - having a preview for 2.0 would make sense once 1.4 is release
      (gkt2 and libxml2 for example).

 - GNOME 2.0:
    We lacked, time we will rediscuss this next week suring a specific

    At the end of GUADEC we should have:
     - a release target date
     - definition of the platform
     - agreement on release coordination


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