Re: Documenting Gnome apps with the GPL

On Mon, 2001-12-31 at 10:17, Richard Stallman wrote:
>     Then, all other GNOME packages and packages for misc. GNOME apps do not
>     ship the GFDL and have their documentation link to the local copy shipped
>     with gnome-core.
> This doesn't satisfy the GFDL, because each app distribution has to
> contain a copy of the license.  (More precisely, each manual or each
> collection of manuals must contain a copy.)

Actually, ever package that has GFDL covered docs contains a copy of the
GFDL, but only in a plain text file named COPYING-DOCS.  The actual
documentation generally links to the provided DocBook copy of the GFDL,
and mentions that you received a copy of the GFDL in plain text format,
in the file named COPYING-DOCS.  I'm pretty sure that this covers the
requirements of the GFDL.

Portland, Oregon, USA.

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