Re: USA states' proposal to force port of MS Office to free platforms

<quote who="Alan Cox">

> It would have no impact either way. It will be
> 	-	as late as they can avoid getting slammed in court for
> 	-	unusably buggy (with them blaming the libraries/kernel/gnome..)
> 	-	incredibly slow (with them blaming the same)
> and always lag the windows one massively so as to suck users back to windows
> because "we needed the new release"

The Mac version of MS Office is none of these things... It's actually well
integrated with the platform, fast, and arguably better than their Windows
version. [1]

Apart from having an enormously hairy platform to integrate with, what's
stopping them doing the same for *nix?

- Jeff

[1] For some reason, this is true of Internet Explorer as well.

     "Free software never simply picks up its marbles and goes home." -     
                            Jonathan Corbet, LWN                            

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