Re: changed charter, new elections proposal

Bart wrote:

> I think this is a fairly theoretical issue.  There may be one or two 
> people who don't have access to the web, and if one of those two people 
> wants to nominate themself for the board, they can send email to 
> elections gnome org 

I think there's a lot more people than you think. Having lived on a
28.8 modem for so long (and when we got it, -that- was an improvement
on the prior situation) I can guarantee you that you get really damn
picky about which web pages you visit at that speed.

We now have cable modem, and it is about eight to ten times faster.
I am still -reeling- from the speed of the web now. I am used to 2.5k/s,
not 20k/s! Suddenly, Gnotices is usable in Netscape and not just Lynx. 
(Or it would be, if Alan hadn't gone and proxied out all cookies, blast 
him :) (Memo to self: fix cookies so can use bugzilla again...)) And ditto 
for -- and just 
appears like magic. 

It's not a question of "don't have access"; it's more "access is really
slow and it is going to take me quarter of an hour to read comments 
before posting". You end up doing a round-up of "horrible but necessary"
sites once a week, and finding you miss something (like 24-hour voting
periods on slates, which I have just discovered I missed whilst moving
house, a discovery of less than unalloyed joy). If you miss that once
a week round-up, you miss the chance to vote in that current plan, if 
my understanding of the archives is right.

What happens if you're away from your normal machine during a voting
period, btw, and that machine is evilly firewalled so you can't get
in to send your vote in? Your tough luck for picking that week to be


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