Re: let's do a quick vote on the charter

Ditto for me. I opposed because of the slates stuff.

By taking a quick glance at who is voting for no, there seems
to be a tendency for the people that are a minority (or that
they think they are) to voto for no. It isn't 100%, as anything
is politic is. But the people that voted no, tend to either
not live in the US, not work for one of the Gnome Companies, etc.

I can also see why slates can help the board be a balanced one,
by not having slates, the 7 most popular HACKERS will end up in 
the board. Because the votes for the "doc guys", the "unemployed
guy" the "european guy" and so on, Will be shared among the group
of them.

On the other hand, having slates is also not democratic, in the sense
that as soon as the slates candidates are announced, everyone is
going to see who "the wining" slate is, even before the voting is done.

I guess that any solution to this will complicate the process, but if
it helps democracy, let it be.

I don't think we can determine by law, how the slates need to be
Because if you say "we need at least one European on the board", then
about the other continents ? if you say we need at least one guy for
company, then you need also a non-employed one, and what about the
GNOME companies like Henzai. There are only 7 slots on the board.


BUT. I can see how having slates 

Alan Cox wrote:
> > I've myself voted NO, but only because of the slates stuff. I agree with
> > the rest of the charter.
> Ditto
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