Re: GNOME Foundation elections!

>    Why slates too ? Can't this just be an election of individuals
> especially with so little experience and notice. It's a congress
> why not have a list of runners and let people pick X names from
> the list and declare elected the X most cited persons ? this is
> direct democracy and limits the political aspects.

I think the main reason behind this is logistics. It's much easier to
manage an election of slates than of individuals, especially when there
are restrictions as to who may be elected (ie. needing endorsement,
limited affiliation, etc.)

>   yes there is a machinery, at another level, how do you plan to
> get the slates made ??? Surprizingly the Steering Committee will
> submit a slate, sounds a bit fishy to me, sorry !

Yeah, I'm sort of on the fence as to whether having a board formally
endorsed by SteerCom is a good idea.

>   You also didn't explained one of the crucial aspects of the vote, 
> Suppose Slate A has 200 votes and Slate B 100 votes. Is the resulting
> board made of 2/3 of slate A and 1/3 or Slate B (which requires ordering
> in the slates then) or Slate A is declared winner alone. in the second 
> case and assuming the Board propose a slate, then I feel it's simply
> not fair. All bets would immediately go to this slate, drop the elections
> in that case and autoelect the board we will all loose less time.

Yeah, with a vote of so many potential slates, it may be necessary to have
run-off elections between the top vote-getters until we can get to a clear
winner. Perhaps we should add provisions to the charter for this?


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