Re: GNOME Foundation paperwork

no, you missed my point I think. I didn't want to make the manifesto a legally
binding doc, etc.
Simply an addendum - or overriding theme, referancable document, etc. - that
related to the overall Foundation. Nothing to do with the actual legal
articles of incorporation, etc.

Bart and I thought that we would like to se it referenced somehow.

Havoc Pennington wrote:

> Robert Humphreys <rob collab net> writes:
> > I also wanted to solicit feedback on the idea of using Nat's "manifesto"
> > as a "mission statement" or addendum, etc.
> >
> IIRC from looking at the legal steps to incorporation, the only two
> legal documents that describe this sort of thing are the
> mission statement - which is basically a paragraph or so justifying to
> the IRS why you are a nonprofit charity, you have to explain how you
> benefit society, etc. - and the bylaws - which should be a minimal
> statement of how the organization is organized.
> What legal document would the manifesto be part of? It's an awful lot
> of stuff to make legally binding, I would think only the bylaws should
> be legally binding. The book Elliot bought said that mission
> statements justifying nonprofit status are traditionally short and
> vague, to keep from restricting the organization's activities.
> Havoc



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