Re: European FSF

On Wed, Nov 22, 2000 at 10:58:23PM -0800, Bart Decrem wrote:
> Interesting.  It may make sense for the people that wanted to work on the European effort to join us with our friends
> who are working on FSF Europe stuff.  Is anybody on this list still working on the European GNOME Foundation idea?

  Just a bit more of context on this. The board decided that

there should be an European GNOME Foundation, that it was a really good idea
(as well as one in other place like Asia) but that the initiative of building
it should come from a local group.

  As an European I would be interested in joining the effort, but I'm
clearly too busy to try this alone and I would rather not step on the
toes of other people who started this effort. I don't know if there is
any chances to get this done in time for GUADEC II (March 2001) but
that sure would be nice.


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