Item for the Board Re: OpenOffice Foundation

On Mon, Nov 20, 2000 at 05:24:42PM -0800, Bart Decrem wrote:
> It's on our agenda for next week.

Are you the secretary? Please place this before the board.


1. That the board solicit from Sun Microsystems information on their plan
   for an OpenOffice foundation and a committment that they'll go through
   with it.

2. That the board request this change from Sun in the short term:

   When a Contributor assigns the copyright of a Modification to Sun,
   Sun shall covenant with the Contributor that:

   A. The Contributor shall retain the right to sublicense the Modification
      under any license as they see fit.

   B. As long as the Modification is part of the Software and Sun is
      developing, using, or distributing the software, Sun shall continue
      to make the Software available under the GNU General Public License
      Version 2, and in the case of libraries and objects that can be called
      from other programs: the GNU Lesser General Public License (applicable
      version). Sun may also at its option make the Software available under
      any number of additional licenses.

   For the purposes of this agreement, "Sun" means Sun Microsystems and its
   assigns, and "Contributor" means the entity granting the copyright and its

3. That the secretary report back to the foundation membership on the above
   items, distributing information that both parties agree to make public
   and updating the report when news is available.

	Respectfully Submitted

	Bruce Perens

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