Re: Registering a domain

> Hi all!
> A friend of mine wanted to own his own domain, and we've decided to
> register

I'm this friend ;-)

> We wanted, but .es domains can only be registered if you own
> the trade mark (???)
> When filling in the fields, he was asked for a company name (nothing
> important, just an
> information field). So, we talked and decided to put GNOME Foundation as
> the company name.
> Of course, all bills will be sent to my friend, not to the GNOME
> Foundation.

I have put my credit card number, don't worry ;-)

> I hope we didn't make a mistake?

Please tell me if i must change it.

> cheers
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Carlos Perelló Marín
carlos hispalinux es
Valencia - España

Y tu, ya has Evolucionado?, pásate a Evolution :-)

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