Minutes of the GNOME Foundation Board meeting 14 November 2000

      Minutes of the GNOME Foundation Board meeting 14 November 2000

    Havoc Pennington (chairing)
    Daniel Veillard  (minutes)
    John Heard              
    Bart Decrem             
    Dan Mueth               
    Jim Gettys              
    Owen Taylor             


    Raph Levien             

    Miguel de Icaza         
    Federico Mena Quintero  
         (both probably at COMDEX)

    Maciej Stachowiak       

    John gives regrets for next week


    We will have another meeting next week

  - The teleconf will take place every other week except for the startup
    phase where it will be every week
  - We will meet at 2pm EST 11am Pacific sharp for one hour.
  - Havoc will chair the meeting for the next 6 months, this include
    providing a provisional agenda 2 days in advance
  - Daniel will write the minutes for the next 6 months, they will
    be sent to the fundation list 24 hours after they are sent to the board
  - The meeting will start with 10 minutes of general GNOME updates and
    followed by the agenda for 50 minutes
  - The corum is 6 persons
  - work on incoporating the GNOME Foundation has started. A legal firm
    specialized in those operations has been contacted and will provide
    us with legal documents to fill around the 20th November, this may
    be done as quickly as a couple of weeks
  - Incorporating affiliated fundations in Europe and Asia is a good idea,
    but should be carried on by local people, we hope to have a European
    Gnome Fundation within 6 months
  - We welcome new organizations to join the GNOME Fundation Advisory Board
    but they should come with a plan on how they will help the GNOME project

Work in progress:

  ACTION: John will work on the phone call teleconference details


- how will we organize agenda, minutes, etc. and run meetings

    We decided the overall form of the meetings, frequency, and time.

- status report on GNOME 1.4 from Maciej

    [Maciej having missed the call, we will need an update]

    It seems that Nautilus and the associated libraries (Bonobo, etc ...)
    being ready are the criteria for Gnome 1.4 release.
    1.4 seems likely to be late January beginning of February

- status of getting the foundation incorporated

    We will need 3 position:
    + president
    + secretary
    + treasurer
    2 can be handled by the same person.
    General discussion of the Incorporation process so far and in the future,
    a legal firm has already been contacted. Sun is helping in the process.
    We will get the paperwork on the 20th, it will take 2 person's day worth
    of work to get it done, then the registration process can be as quick as
    one week.

- current status of the Foundation
    11 funding members now
    Mandrake and Borland joined today
    Both company did want to announce that at Comdex
    Mandrake will have 1 full time Gnomer and will put GNOME on equal foot
    as KDE in the installer
    Borland wants to play a role in the KDE/GNOME integration

    I hope we will have a European GNOME fundation in Europe in
    6 months

- next meeting next week, possible agenda items:

    - update on GNOME 1.4
    - update on the incorporation
    - office suite confusion
    - policy for release plan and schedules
    - relation to standards
    - documentation and machine translatable translations
	+ getting OO to output Docbook XML
	+ general translation framework
	+ getting in touch with publishers
	+ generic documentation and platform specific parts
    - GNOME 2.0 release coordination and plans
    - web site(s)


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