Preliminary results from the GNOME Foundation elections


On behalf of the GNOME Foundation elections committee, I am honored 
and pleased to announce the results of the initial election for the 
GNOME Foundation Board of Directors.

These results, which Chris DiBona and I have independently confirmed,
are only preliminary; pursuant to the previously agreed to elections
procedure, the complete archive of ballots, along with the scripts
used to verify the vote counts, will be made available shortly.  Any
registered voter may challenge any or all of these results by sending
a formal protest to the elections committee at elections gnome org by
Wednesday, November 15, 2000, 23:59 PST.  The results should only be
considered final once that deadline has passed and any challenges
received have been resolved by the committee.

After several misformatted ballots were fixed, 330 of 372 members were
determined to have cast valid ballots.  No affiliation problems were
created, so the top 11 vote-getters were elected, as follows:

Miguel de Icaza 	(269 votes)	(Helix Code)
Havoc Pennington	(242 votes)	(Redhat)
Owen Taylor		(242 votes)	(Rehdat)
Jim Gettys		(202 votes)	(Compaq)
Federico Mena Quintero	(194 votes)	(Helix Code)
Bart Decrem		(161 votes)	(Eazel)
Daniel Veillard		(156 votes)	(W3C)
Dan Mueth		(150 votes)	(Eazel)
Maciej Stachowiak	(150 votes)	(Eazel)
John Heard		(142 votes)	(Sun Microsystems)
Raph Levien		(134 votes)	(Eazel)

(the following were not elected)
Martin Baulig		(121 votes)
Ettore Perazzoli	(119 votes)
James Henstridge	(111 votes)
Elliot Lee		(107 votes)
George Lebl		(98 votes)
Bruce Perens		(90 votes)
Tuomas Kuosmanen	(88 votes)
Michael Meeks		(84 votes)
Kjartan Maraas		(78 votes)
Arlo Rose		(67 votes)
Kenneth Christiansen	(53 votes)
Leslie Proctor		(48 votes)
Chema Celorio		(45 votes)
Bertrand Guiheneuf	(38 votes)
Christopher Gabriel	(35 votes)
Joe Shaw		(33 votes)
Juantomas Garcia	(31 votes)
Ariel Rios		(26 votes)
Eskil Heyn Olsen	(11 votes)
Thompson Hayner		(9 votes)
Kevin Knerr		(8 votes)
Rhett Creighton		(4 votes)

An archive of the full results is available at 

More information, including instructions on verifying the results 
from the raw ballots, are available at

Thank you again for participating in this election, and please direct 
any questions to elections gnome org 

 for the GNOME Foundation elections committee

Russell Steinthal		Columbia Law School, Class of 2002
<rms39 columbia edu>		Columbia College, Class of 1999
<steintr nj org>		UNIX System Administrator,

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