Re: one thing to keep in mind about GNOME foundation and FSF

    >> "Keeping an arm's length" is unnecessary because there is just
    >> no reason for contact on any issue except asking the FSF for
    >> guidance on licensing issues.

    kelly> To be frank, I do not consider the FSF a good source for
    kelly> advice on licensing issues.  The FSF is an advocacy
    kelly> organization, not an impartial source of information, and
    kelly> its answers to such questions tend to be, ah, less than
    kelly> objective.

The guidance we want on licensing is always for the goal promoting
free software.  Hence I don't see the conflict of interest that you
are indicating.

Another way to say it is that I don't want the FSF to be impartial on
licensing issues: I want them to develop licenses that promote free
software and documentation, like the GPL and the FDL.  I also want
them to point out problems with other licenses that people use and how
they might limit freedom.

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