Re: one thing to keep in mind about GNOME foundation and FSF

    Jim> Yup.  Also understand that some of RMS's actions in the past
    Jim> have alienated major companies trying to behave in good
    Jim> faith. As a result, many companies (and people) will not deal
    Jim> with FSF, even those who have made major contributions to
    Jim> free software in the past.  An arms-length approach to the
    Jim> FSF is most likely to garner general support (while not
    Jim> sacrificing the goals of a free desktop).

Your spin is different from the one I meant to place.  I think we
should just keep in mind the goal of the FSF, and this clarity will
allow us to not be suspicious.

"Keeping an arm's length" is unnecessary because there is just no
reason for contact on any issue except asking the FSF for guidance on
licensing issues.

When RMS makes technical suggestions we consider them as another
opinion by an experienced hacker who is self-confessedly out of touch
but still quite smart.  His technical suggestions are not FSF

Still, the result is the same as what you say.

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