Re: election plans

On 25 Jul 2000 07:43:50 -0400, Nat Friedman <> said:

>Yeah, I'll be seriously impressed if we can even get incorporated in

Don't count on it.  The charter of a non-profit corporation is a
complex document.  Since the IRS picks over the charter with a
fine-tooth comb when deciding whether or not to grant non-profit
status, and since it is generally hard to amend the charter, it's best
to preclear the charter with the IRS prior to actually filing the
document with the state.  Legal counsel can advise better on how to go
about doing this.  Most of your charter will be boilerplate
constructed to comply with all the various state and federal
regulations that pertain to non-profit organizations.  Very little
will have to do with the specific details we've been discussing here;
most of that will go in the by-laws -- which you can write after


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