Re: Draft of Proposal for the GNOME Foundation.

> I think requiring all discussion to go via electronic means is a
> non-solution; the phone call has really been invaluable for improving
> communication IMHO. We can certainly require that all decisions are
> discussed on a public list, but we can't require that they are _only_
> discussed there. If we do, people will just have their own informal
> phone calls. Also of course, email and IRC are almost certainly less
> secure than a phone call.

The point of the board is to make decisions without having huge, 3-week
flamewars on the public lists. If we require that all decisions be done
this way, nothing is going to change. I like the idea of having minutes
posted to the public lists (of non-confidential stuff), though, because I
feel that the community at-large should know what's going on with the
board, but the board itself should meet in person when it can, but most of
the conversations should happen over the conference call.


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