Re: Draft of Proposal for the GNOME Foundation.

Joe Shaw <> writes: 
> Now, in the event that a module maintainer doesn't want to release, we
> have a few choices. The first is that we kick that module out. We could do
> this for stuff like gnome-media, etc. but it isn't possible for stuff like
> gnome-core. Secondly, we can delay the release until the module maintainer
> wants to do a release. Generally, if a module maintainer really -really-
> doesn't want to do a release, he has a pretty good reason for it and it's
> worth hearing. Lastly, we could fork it, but that's obviously very very
> bad and let's not even talk about that.

There's one other option, which is to ship the last-released version
of the module. This is in fact what we end up doing for relatively
unmaintained modules (we might bump the version number and run make
distcheck, but you don't have to do much else). Of course this is
assuming we haven't changed the development libs.

I think we're basically doing this for gnome-core in 1.4, right, since
the new Vertigo rewrite is in 2.0 IIRC. (Of course in this case it
isn't because the gnome-core maintainers are opposed to the release,
it's just that they are focusing on 2.0.)


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