Re: Membership and voting and consensus... (Re: Membership)

Alan Cox <> writes:
> You solve the whole takeover issue by making the foundation reflect its true
> situation. If it has no power then it is not worth taking over.

Or worth having. That doesn't get us anywhere.

(I disagree that the foundation will have no power; I think the
current steering committee does have power. This is in large part
because there are people on there who are able to write significant
code and get things done, and people on there who employ others who
they are able to ask to write code. Which is a big difference from the
Debian case, perhaps.)

Our planned releases have mostly happened as planned, though a bit
delayed, they've contained what we wanted and been as close to the
planned date as you might expect. We've also stuck to the API
stability guidelines we've layed down. These happen because
maintainers are willing to accept a group decision, they know that we
can't release unless everyone agrees on a plan.


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