Re: Membership and voting and consensus... (Re: Membership)

> open to everyone. If it means making decisions, I am just terrified of
> this. There are way too many people with not a clue in the world who
> might join and vote, especially as GNOME becomes more popular.

In which case you should stop trying to pretend the foundation is anything
to do with co-ordinating Gnome and that it actually operates more like a 
military junta and be done with that. Since nobody will listen to anything
the gnome foundation actually votes on anyway this probably isnt a bad thing.

The kernel is a dictatorship and it works very well

> So I would understand your proposal to be, "the membership only votes
> to approve decisions", including an approval of the board of directors
> slate. The membership would never choose between two decisions, and
> they wouldn't be able to put forward a motion themselves.

But the developers dont care. Look at the history of the gnome gui list.

Debian votes on stuff but nobody who works on it in general listens or bothers 
to take any notice of such things unless they are concensus and sensible 
anyway (such as the DFSG)


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