Re: Questions To Answer

Alan Cox <> writes:

> 9.	I'm very concerned that is all  Red Hat, Helix, Eazel, 'Mr X'. What
> 	the hell happened to Debian. The LSB made a special case for Debian,
> 	I think since Debian is a major Gnome 'reseller' the same has to be
> 	done here if the vendor members need to pay. Debian are not just part
> 	of 'the community' but something more.

Another vote on this one.  Debian is important for a lot of reasons,
but one of them is the size of the GNOME-using debian user base:
Debian is a lot more significant than we ever, ever expected over here
at Helix.  I can't release exact numbers, but suffice it to say that
our telecom bills went way up when we made debs available.


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