Re: Planning releases

Bart Decrem <> writes:
> Would the solution be to have a Releases Committee that reports to the board?

This seems to be just creating another board. (I mean, you have to
elect the release committee, define their powers, etc., just as you do
for the board. So any objections that apply to the board also apply to
the release committee. Right?)

If we're going to have a small group work on this, is there a reason
to make a different body from the board responsible? What does the
separation achieve - would different people be in each group, or would
it just be twice as many meetings for the same core developers?

Of course, the board doesn't have to do everything it's responsible
for personally; they could delegate to volunteers or whatever. But if
the board implemented its responsibility for releases via a committee,
that wouldn't be institutionalized in the bylaws, I wouldn't think.


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