Re: gnome foundation: some key issues to discuss.

Chema Celorio <> writes:
> Here is a brain-storm proposal :
> 2 different types of membership :
> Normal - 
> probably most members will fall into this category. We
> should determine a clear set of rules one needs to fit
> to get this kind of membership.
> 	- cvs account
> 	- some kind of meassurement of contributions over
>           the last year
> 	- approval from 4 number of members 
> 	etc ...
> This memebership should be very easy to aquire if you meet
> the criteria specified.
> Special  -
> Reserved for special case scenarios. If you don't fully qualify
> for a membership, you can apply for a special membership and
> have the board decide upon an application.  Things like
> "I translate and I send patches" or "I make icons/artwork and I
> don't commit directly to the cvs".


I don't like this.  Implies those who translate are second class
citizens.  I'd rather have member/non-member.  Those who just
occaisionally send in patches then have incentive to become full
members, and it doesn't leave people feeling somewhat resentful.  Lets
aim for just a 'member/observer' role, and keep the barrier to becoming
a member very low.


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