Re: Minutes of the GNOME Foundation Board meeting 12 December 2000

> With such a ringing edorsement by SO I am having trouble seeing why
> GNOME should bother recomending this stuff to anyone. Unless the
> attitude of the SO people changes the only people I recommend using it
> are people who don't mind waiting 30 minutes pr. hour for their Office
> applications to respond to their keyboard input.

SO isnt quite that bad on a big machine but the rest of it is very true.
Abiword is far more useful currently that SO for word processing. 

Our desktop really right now is

	Mailer:		balsa
	File Manager:	gmc
	Wordprocessor:	abiword
	Spreadsheet:	gnumeric
	Browser:	<none>

1.4 we might see Nautilus and maybe Evolution. I don't see us getting SO as
a Gnome app by then


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