Re: layers of abstraction, and how GNOME can win

To do what Mr. Behlendorf suggested, GNOME needs to have attractive API, and to
the majority of GUI developers out there this often means C++ API, powerful C++
library that provides native access to GNOME foundations like gtk+, Bonobo,
Orbit, gnome-libs, etc.  Today there is just one (?) person working on gnome--,
and no one is working on Inti.  (Other C++ APIs for gtk+ do not support GNOME).

The lack of mature C++ API is a negative factor for GNOME to gain mindshare
when invading Win32 land.  Imagine the Windows programmers out there using
MFC.  It is very difficult to them to go back to program in C with Win32 APIs,
or the GNOME C APIs for that matter. GNOME needs to satisfy the needs of C++
people in order to compete with the Microsoft platform. 

(I am not trying to start a debate on C vs. C++.  I am just saying many people
out there use C++ for GUIs, esp. on non-GNU or non-Unix platforms, and GNOME
needs to woo them.  It is worth noting that AbiWord and Mozilla and
OpenOffice/StarView are all in C++.)

> that bringing the Gnome api's and components
> to Win32 is not only
> an interesting project worthy of support, but that
> when resources are
> available, they are applied towards that goal, that
> the cause is advocated
> whenever possible, and that engineers with Win32
> experience are not made
> to feel like second-class citizens.  Let's turn
> embrace-and-extend back on
> Microsoft - let's get Gtk, Bonobo, and other
> infrastructural pieces solid
> on Win32.  We'll have to do the same thing to
> counter the .NET proposal,
> but that's not for awhile.
> We've done this in Apache now - Apache 2 will run as
> well on Windows and
> OS's like BeOS nting new functionality as needed.  If
> Stallman and I can
> resolve our BSD/GPL compatibility issues, then it's
> something Gnome could
> use as well, though we don't touch UI issues at all.
> What I'm
> asking here though is much more about policy and
> leadership than specific
> code suggestions.  Maybe this is all actually
> happening and I don't
> know; if so, great!  But let me tantalize you with a
> thought: Gnumeric
> running on Windows, and Windows users suddenly able
> to use a desktop and
> office suite much more interesting and free than
> what they can choose from
> today.  This is how Gnome can win - not just over
> KDE, but over that other

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