Minutes of the GNOME Foundation Board meeting 5 December 2000

[ 24 hours late due to massive jetlag of the editor :-\, Daniel ]

      Minutes of the GNOME Foundation Board meeting 5 December 2000


    Havoc Pennington (chairing)
    Owen Taylor             
    Raph Levien             
    Dan Mueth               
    Daniel Veillard  (minutes)
    Bart Decrem             
    Maciej Stachowiak       
    Federico Mena Quintero  
    Jim Gettys              



    Miguel de Icaza         
    John Heard              


    We will have another meeting next week
    No hard decisions, this was mostly prospective.

Work Done:

  ACTION: Maciej to start the discussion on-line to get candidates for
          a QA coordinator for the Gnome-1.4 and Gnome-2.0 core coordinator
	  => Done, Michael and George proposed themselves for 2.0
	     Greg Corrin and Leslie Proctor could join for the marketing
	     of 1.4
	     One of Sun QA engineers candidated for 1.4 QA

Work in progress:

  ACTION: Dan Mueth to forward the proposal to Chris Dibona, Martin Baulig
          and Russell Steinthal being part of the membership committee
	  => pending, Russell agreed to be a coordinator, on agenda for
	     next week 

   ACTION: Havoc to send a mail to Kenneth to ask for hackers coming
           on the guadec list, good idea to put it on Gnotices too
	   => there is a Guadec list, Kenneth asked to wait for feedback
	      before putting it on Gnotice
	   => Havoc to resume discussion with Kenneth

   ACTION: Owen to build a list of TODO for the gnome.org servers
          => Started, not finished


- Minutes from last week approved

- review status of actions from last week's minutes                            

- office suite requirements discussion: what does GNOME want out of
  an office suite?
  Core requirement
  - help drive the development platform (font, rendering, components ...)
  - we should release a small verion and not wait for a "full blown" one.
  - integration, at the look and feel and at the development platform
    especially the component integration
  - the target is the GNOME platform (not specifically the Gnome desktop,
    it must interoperate with other desktops).
  - following Arlo GUI guideline when we get those

  The strategy is :
  => it seems that the component technology is one of the key mechanism
     but getting the various developpers teams to talk and cooperate is
     also crucial
  => we need to improve the mechanisms to get more communication both
     at the code and people level

  ACTION: Jim to get in touch with the XFree86 team to check whether they
          would feel okay to organize an X11 Desktops conference.

  Trying to merge future developments should be one of the 

  ACTION: Havoc to post a summary


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