Re: GNOME 2.0 coordinator (was Re: Minutes of the GNOME Foundation Board meeting 28 November 2000)

Martin Baulig <martin home-of-linux org> writes:

> Daniel Veillard <Daniel Veillard w3 org> writes:
> >   ACTION: Maciej to start the discussion on-line to get candidates for
> >           a QA coordinator for the Gnome-1.4 and Gnome-2.0 core coordinator
> > 	  => without John and Maciej on the call, hard to tell,
> > 	     pending.
> Hi,
> well, I don't know whether you're already accepting "nominations" for this,
> but I'd like to nominate/suggest George (if he wants, of course) and me as
> GNOME 2.0 coordinators.
> This summer, George and me started to actually work on GNOME 2.0 and a little
> bit later, Iain Holmes joined our team. There wasn't so much work getting done
> in gnome-libs HEAD as I wanted to be during the last weeks, but at least the
> whole thing started.
> Basically, I don't see this as any issue which the board needs to get involved
> in - for me it's just a matter of having a few qualified people who know what
> needs to be done and who know to actually get this work done.
> I would very much like to continue this work and make "there's work being done
> on gnome-libs HEAD" actually happen, currently I have a larger set of changes
> in my local tree which will finally make the beast compile again.
> Hopefully, I will be able to post a longer summary about the current state
> of gnome-libs HEAD this weekend.

I'll make sure to toss your names in the hat. One thing I'd like to
add though is that "hacking on gnome-libs HEAD" is not the only or
necessarily even the most important task for the GNOME 2.0 release
coordinators. As 1.4 release coordinator, most of what I have done is
communication and coordination with developers, the community at
large, docs people, translation people, the board, etc.

Given the large changes planned to gnome-libs HEAD, it may be
appropriate to have specific people to take charge of that work, in
addition to having overall coordinators for the 2.0 release, although
it might be best for these to be the same people.

 - Maciej

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