Re: Money is a Time Bomb for GNOME

I disagree, actually, I think that having the cash around is good for two

2...PR agencies.

Having an available, tight, good, pr agency to handle gnome releases would
be a terrific thing for gnome, and let me tell you, they caost cash money

The lawyer question is key too, in the event that there has to be a court
action to protect the gnome code base, how does one pay a lawyer the 300$
(600$ while in court) to defend? 

Basically, while I don't really have an opinion about the existance of a
full time director of whatever, the money thing give gnome a real chance
to be exposed to audiences that won't give software a second glance if it
isn't in newsweek, time and us news every time it revs. 


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On Thu, 3 Aug 100, Andy Tai wrote:

> It seems there is no clearly defined purpose for the money proposed to be raised 
> If RMS had let GNOME hackers  have the control over that $25K within 
> the framework of the FSF, there would be no discussion for 
> a separate GNOME Foundation.  
> When companies pay money, they must expect something in return.  
> When the companies' influence collide with the hackers,
> there lay the seeds for division and split. (RedHat, Helix Code, Eazel excepted)
> Does IBM pay membership fees to Apache?  No, although it donated code.
> (The Apache Software Foundation seems to have no corporate members and no
> membership fee)
> Down the road, this money may do more harm than good to GNOME.
> Just my 0.02 cent.
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