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I think you've done a great job with this.  Corporate partners should feel
ready go get final approvals on this.  I think there'll continue to be
minor edits, but I don't think there'll need to be major revisions before
this goes out next Tuesday.


Greg Corrin wrote:

> All,
> The final draft follows. Thanks for your patience and comments during
> our review process.
> Please reply to me when your organization has approved this press
> release. If there are objections or necessary wording changes, let me
> know directly. Also, those companies that have not submitted a quote,
> need to do so ASAP - if your quote is not on this sheet, I may have lost
> it in my huge inbox so please send it again : )
> Regards,
> Greg|650.940.2026
> -Developers and Corporations Unite to Advance GNOME as the Leading Open
> Source Desktop Environment-
> LinuxWorld Expo, San Jose, CA -- August 15, 2000 --The GNOME project
> today announced the creation of the GNOME Foundation.  In addition,
> industry leaders and organizations including Compaq, Eazel, Free
> Software Foundation, Gnumatic, Helix Code, Henzai, IBM, Red Hat, Sun
> Microsystems and VA Linux have announced their support for the
> foundation, with the goal of advancing the availability of this
> easy-to-use, open source, desktop environment.
> "The GNOME Foundation marks a major step forward for the GNOME project,"
> said Miguel de Icaza, founder of the GNOME project.  "As GNOME continues
> to gain momentum, we needed a forum where the GNOME hackers and industry
> leaders can come together to help develop GNOME.  The support of these
> industry leaders will help us to achieve our dream of building a fully
> free, easy to use desktop environment that will be used by millions of
> people."
> The foundation will help set the technical direction of the GNOME
> project, promote the broad adoption of GNOME on Linux and Unix desktops
> and offer a forum for industry leaders to contribute to GNOME. The
> Bonobo component project, GTK toolkit development, Pango
> internationalization, and GNOME Office integration and other projects
> will be embraced under the GNOME organization.  The foundation will be
> modeled on the Apache Foundation, with a board of directors elected by
> the hundreds of volunteer GNOME developers.
> GNOME Advisory Board
> The GNOME project also announced the creation of an Advisory Board which
> will allow corporate partners to support GNOME. Initial members of the
> Advisory Board include: Compaq, Eazel, Free Software Foundation,
> Gnumatic, Helix Code, Henzai, IBM, Red Hat, Sun Microsystems and VA
> Linux.
> About GNOME and the GNOME Foundation
> The GNOME project has built a completely free and easy-to-use desktop
> environment, as well as a powerful application framework for software
> developers on Linux and other Unix-like operating systems.   The GNOME
> Foundation will provide organizational, financial and legal support to
> the GNOME project, and help determine its vision and roadmap.
> CollabNet, the leading provider of collaborative software development
> services based on open source principles, is helping to organize the
> GNOME Foundation.  Additional information is available at
> Quote Sheet:
> "Its always great to see companies coming together and working to bring
> open source technologies to the next level," said Brian Behlendorf, CTO
> & co-founder, CollabNet.  "The creation of the Gnome Foundation will
> help move Linux beyond the operating system to becoming a viable desktop
> application and CollabNet is excited to be participating in this
> process."
> "Much like the Apache Project before it, GNOME is benefiting from the
> interest of both developers and commercial entities," said Mike Boich,
> CEO and co-founder of Eazel. "The GNOME Foundation can only help to
> accelerate that trend. Eazel is delighted to be a member of the
> Foundation and to be building software on the GNOME platform."
> "Gnumatic Incorporated sees the Gnome Foundation as a major key to the
> creation of desktop and home user applications for Linux.  By providing
> a stable desktop development platform for Linux, applications such as
> GnuCash, the personal finance manager being developed by Gnumatic, will
> benefit from the broad array of standard Gnome technologies."
> "By partnering with industry leaders in the GNOME Foundation, IBM
> continues
> its strong commitment to open standards and a clear vision of Linux as
> the driving force for the evolution of e-business," said Daniel Frye,
> program director, IBM Linux Technology Center.  "IBM believes this
> partnership will help enable innovation and will accelerate development
> of the Linux desktop."
> "About three ago, Red Hat created the Red Hat Advanced Development Labs
> (RHAD Labs) to support open source software on the desktop and became
> the first commercial company to make a contribution to GNOME
> development," said Bob Young, Chairman and co-founder of Red Hat. "With
> the formation of the GNOME Foundation, GNOME is truly coming of age in
> terms of market momentum.  We are excited about the opportunities for
> GNOME and open source, and we look forward to working with the new
> members to the GNOME community, like Eazel, Helix, Sun Microsystems and
> others, as they bring applications and technology to the GNOME desktop
> environment."
> "Sun is thrilled to be joining the GNOME Foundation and we plan to adopt
> GNOME as the future desktop for Solaris," said Marco Boerries, vice
> president and general manager of webtop and application software at Sun
> Microsystems, Inc.  "We are committed to contributing significant
> engineering resources to the GNOME project and will work closely with
> the other GNOME members to ensure continued reliability and quality."
> "VA Linux Systems has been proud to make GNOME available on our systems
> for years," said Dr. Larry M. Augustin, president and CEO of VA Linux
> Systems.  "GNOME is representative of the kind of creativity and
> engineering that is available from the Open Source development
> community. We have a number of engineers who have worked on GNOME and
> GTK technology for some time, and are pleased to extend our GNOME
> efforts by joining the GNOME foundation."
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