[fdn-ann] Fwd: Compaq to Join the GNOME Foundation Advisory Board

Good news.  I chatted with Louise, sent her the release and asked her to 
forward their quote to Greg.

>From: "Potter, Louise" <Louise.Potter@compaq.com>
>To: "'bheffner@chenpr.com'" <bheffner@chenpr.com>
>Cc: "Johnson, Glenn" <G.Johnson@compaq.com>,
>         "Gettys, Jim" <jg@pa.dec.com>, "'rob@collab.net'" <rob@collab.net>
>Subject: Compaq to Join the GNOME Foundation Advisory Board
>Date: Thu, 3 Aug 2000 15:22:43 -0400
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>Hi Barb,
>This is to let you know that, based on the information we have today, Compaq
>is joining the advisory board of the GNOME Foundation.  Jim Gettys will be
>joining the press conference as Compaq's representative.  Jim and Glenn
>Johnson, Director of the Compaq Linux Program Office, will be in attendance
>at the 12-1:30 session on Aug 15th in Room K at the San Jose Convention
>We would like to review the press announcement and provide you with the
>appropriate information from Compaq. I understand you are driving that
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>From: Barbara Heffner [mailto:bheffner@chenpr.com]
>Sent: Friday, July 28, 2000 4:59 PM
>To: foundation-announcement@gnome.org; redhat@schwartz-pr.com
>Subject: Press Event Invite, Version 2.0
>Hello everyone:
>Following is the revised invite that we would like to send out
>MONDAY.  Could the folks at Helix Code verify that indeed you are
>contributing part or all of your 12-12:45 timeslot?  If not please let us
>We made the following requested changes from draft 1:
>* Capped all occurrences of GNOME and will try to faithfully do so in
>* Added Collab.Net.
>* There was a series of emails regarding the opening line. Miguel suggested
>we say On behalf of the GNOME project; Maciej suggested we stay with
>Steering Committee.  I queried last nite for final word but have not heard
>back from anyone else.
>On behalf of the GNOME Steering Committee, you are cordially invited to a
>press conference on August 15th at LinuxWorld. This event will be kicked
>off by Miguel de Icaza, founder of the GNOME project and Helix Code. The
>GNOME project provides a fully open sourced, free desktop environment for
>Unix-like systems.
>Miguel will be joined by senior executives from several leading firms,
>including Collab.Net, Eazel, Red Hat and Sun Microsystems. These executives
>will discuss plans for the evolution of the GNOME platform and the GNOME
>organization. There will be ample time for Q&A.
>Date/Time: August 15th from noon - 1:30 (Lunch will be provided) (WILL
>Location: Room K, San Jose Convention Center
>Please RSVP to this email, or call Kristen Jameson or me at 781-466-8282,
>if you plan to attend.
>We look forward to hearing from you,
>Barb Heffner
>CHEN PR, Inc.
>1601 Trapelo Road
>Waltham, Mass.  02451
>P: 781-466-8282
>F: 781-466-8989
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