[fdn-ann] Webcast costs for GNOME conference

Here are the fees quoted by PRNewswire for the Webcast of the GNOME 
conference. These fees are for 2 hours and include the technician and 
equipment (PRN does not provide half hour increments for pricing).

Webcast with AUDIO only feed: $2650
Includes: 2 hours encoding and streaming in Real Player platform at either 
56k or 28.8k.
Live event covers 500x listeners.  Each additional listener is $1.50 each.
Maximum additional charge: $1000

Webcast with VIDEO and AUDIO feed: $ 16,300 + Travel cost of the technician

Please let me know if you have any questions.
Best regards
Phone: 650-357-8749
Fax: 650-357-8754
Email: croux@chenpr.com
AIM: cecilejroux

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