Minutes of the Board meeting 2005 Dec 14

[Oops I forgot again to send the minutes last month !] 

     Minutes of the Board meeting 2005 Dec 14


   Owen Taylor (chairing)
   Daniel Veillard
   Dave Neary
   Luis Villa
   Murray Cumming
   Jonathan Blandford
   Christian Schaller


   Miguel de Icaza
   Tim Ney


   Jody Goldberg
   Federico Mena-Quintero

Actions completed:

  ACTION: Dave to drive Quim Gil to get a CVS account to edit GUADEC web pages
     - done


  ACTION: Dave to start looking for vendors to host the GNOME online
     - stuck until January

  ACTION: Federico will check with the board checking interest in 
          representing GNOME on LSB Desktop group
     - still open, Federico steals the ACTION from Owen

  ACTION: Owen to make up hiring plans and prepare the associated informations
     - ongoing, not much progress on the agenda


 * Waiving administrative fee for LDG conference funds
   Instead the foundation give back the value of the fee to sponsor LDG

 * Status of Shaun's work
   It looks to not make progress, we may revisit how this is being done

 * GUADEC Status
   Dave give a summary on how Quim Gil restarted the organization on the
   new location.

 * Foundation new hire
   Owen made some research, advertizing jobs before the hollidays does
   not make much sense, the execution should probably be delayed till

 * next meeting with the new board first half of January


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